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This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND, HAND PAINTED, SIOUX, BUCKSKIN WAR SHIRT by experienced artist Rudy Silvas of the Tigua people. Rudy has used a high grade buckskin hide & hand painted American flag accents & decorated it with lots of fringe & genuine horse hair. Horse hair is considered good luck to native Americans. On the front, the bib is a separate piece of leather painted & hand sewn onto the shirt & decorated with a small medicine bundle accented with bone dangles & additional bone beads around the neck. The sleeves are lined in painted blue with white stars with horse hair hanks down the length. Bold red & white verticle stripes are painted all the way around the shirt. The back of the shirt sports a large blue painted circle with inner circle of white stars & a small medicine wheel with two decorated feathers attached. This shirt would make any warrior very proud, especially a veteran ! Or,  display your native & American pride together & add this to your collection. This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND. Consider this WARRIOR APPROVED !!

This shirt measures 65 inches wide & 43 inches tall.

Certificate of authenticity comes with this item.


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