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CHEROKEE VISIONS is always looking for new artists & crafters with unique items or items with new styles to offer out customers. We are also looking for beaders. If you’re looking for a new venue to market your Native American items or talents, please email us at Please have pictures & wholesale prices available when you write to us. Thank you ! WADO !!

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Red-Path is partnered with Cherokee Visions to bring you the finest quality, certified Native American made crafts from tribes all over the country like Cherokee, Lakota, Navajo, Creek & more. You’ll find artifacts, fans, breastplates & chokers, war bonnets & fur headdresses & more.


FIRST PEOPLE provides educational resources & information on Native Americans & culture !


LIHA – Louisiana Indian Heritage Association Click name or image for more details.


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Visit the personal website for Gary Redwing Hunt.
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Gary is an outstanding arts & crafts artist. His native spirit is evident in the quality of his work. Gary makes beautiful breastplates, chokers, bracelets, mini breastplates, painted crafts like rattles, turtle shells, jaw bones, even leather. Cherokee Visions is proud to present Gary Redwing Hunt & his many fine works on our website.