These great TURTLE SHELL & LEATHER BAGS are hand sewn by Cherokee artist Joni Struckmeir. These are made from red ear slider turtle shells which measure approx. 7″x 5″.  The red ear slider is one of the most common turtles who breed abundantly & are not endangered anywhere. The shells are professionally cleaned & then Joni does her magic. She uses beautiful, supple genuine buckskin in a variety of colors. Each bag has a flap closure utilizing the bottom of the turtle shell that is usually tossed aside, Jonie uses every piece. She adds a hand braided buckskin strap which measures about 29 inches on each side & is totally adjustable for your preferred length. The inner compartment is roomy & fully lined with that same, supple buckskin for comfort. Then the she has allowed for at least 7 inches of buckskin fringe with every strand of fringe decorated with silver cones & glass pony beads. When the fringes dances, it makes a pleasurable tingling sound almost like a rain stick. A lot of care & craftsmanship has gone into the making of each one of these bags. It would be really hard to find better quality! Choose leather colors available: white, beige, gold, light brown or whiskey & black. Only 6 remaining !!

These beautiful bags are hand sewn by an expert leather crafter from a Cherokee heritage, although not enrolled as an official tribal member. Therefore, a certificate of authenticity can not be offered with this item. But Joni is of Cherokee heritage & has many years of experience & is sought after from movie & television costume managers as well as casinos, museums & musical celebrities.