This is the SCULPTURED EAGLE HEAD TOMAHAWK. It is a very fine looking tomahawk wrapped in beatiful white buckskin with orange, black & white spiral seed beawd work & coyote fur.  The head is made of cast iron & sculptured by hand by popular Cherokee artist Wetfoot. On one side of the blade is the head of the eagle. On the other, a bow & arrows. The balance of the blade is the head of a buffalo, front & back. This tomahwawak is decorated with some white buckskin fringe, feathers & a generous portion of horse hair from about the head. Horse hair represents good luck for Native Americans so it was traditional to put it on nearly everything. This hawk measures 19 inches from head to tip of handle with another 5 inches of horse hair on the top & 9 more inches of fringe at the bottom. 

 A certificate of authenticity is included with this item.