The White Buffalo Calf Woman

Two Lakota warriors went hunting in the sacred black hills. As they traveled, they saw a figure in the distance and as they approached, they saw that it was big white buffalo. They saw the big buffalo coming towards them. As it drew nearer, they saw only a beautiful young Indian woman in white buckskin. She had dark hair, skin and eyes. One of the warriors heart was filled with lust for the woman, the second warrior was pure in heart & warned the first that she appeared to be a sacred woman, and to do anything sacrilegious would be dangerous and disrespectful. The first warrior ignored the good advice of the second warrior & he approached the woman & embraced her. Suddenly, a mysterious cloud enveloped the pair. When the cloud disappeared, only the woman and a pile of bones remained. So the second warrior kneeled & began to pray.

When he began to p[ray, the woman told the warrior to go back to his people & tell them she would visit them & bring a sacred bundle. She instructed him to prepare for her arrival. The warrior went back to his people & they did prepare for her coming as instructed.

They say a cloud came down from the sky & a white buffalo stepped onto the ground. Then the buffalo transformed into the woman in the white buckskin dress & she was carrying a bundle. As she entered the sacred circle prepared for her as she instructed, she began to sing sacred songs. She opened her bundle revealing the sacred pipe & 12 eagle feathers. She spent 3 days with the people teaching them the sacred songs, the vision quest, prayer ceremonies & the traditional ways. She told them they would remain caretakers & guardians of the land. She told them if they would keep her words, then the people would never die & would live forever. Then she left the people the same way she appeared. This was a little more than 2000 yrs ago. The people continue to wait for her return.

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